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Pool Net vs Pool Fence

To reinforce it's importance, close adult supervision is the #1 priority when it comes to pool safety! Secondly the pool barrier you decide to purchase must be the one you are going to use!

So whether you decide upon a pool fence to surround your pool or a pool net to cover your pool or both, make sure at all times your barrier is in good repair with covers securely replaced and pool gates shut and key-locked after every swim.

Here are Watchdog Pool Safety we only offer DIY safety net kits.

In order to give you the most transparent information and our honest comparison between the two types of barrier, below you will find some points to consider when choosing between a pool safety fence vs. pool safety net

What are the differences between a pool safety net and a pool safety fence

Katchakid Pool Safety Net:

Created by Katchakid in 1972, the Katchakid® swimming pool safety net is specifically designed as a barrier to help protect children from exposed, open water. Similar to an oversized tennis racket, the winter-safe UV stabilized pool net is stretched over the pool and anchored to deck-flush mounted fasteners. The netted cover is fabricated from the highest quality, most rigorously tested materials available – versatile and adaptable, the Katchakid® can accommodate most water features and is installed to meet strict ASTM safety codes. Available in custom colors to capture and enhance the ambiance and design of your pool, the Katchakid® pool safety net cover affords maximum security with total peace of mind.


  • Exemplary Safety Record – 40yrs, 100% Drowning Prevention.

  • Complete Peace of Mind – Danger is Covered.

  • High Aesthetic’s – Maximizes Yard Space While Maintaining Clear View Of the Water.

  • Ambient Colors To Compliment Backyard.

  • Optional Leaf Cover – To Combat Seasonal Debris.

  • Least Invasive Installation.

  • Versatile – Can Accommodate Nearly All Water Features.

  • ASTM F1346-91 – Meets Building Code Where This Standard is Designated.


  • Manual Pool Cover – Typically Takes 8 Minutes To Replace, 5 Minutes to Remove.

Swimming Pool Fences

Transparent removable mesh pool fences add a vertical barrier of protection around your pool. A fence provides quick and easy access to your swimming pool via a gate. The mesh panels are resistant to mildew, abrasion, and sunlight so they will not rip, shrink or fade, and kids can’t poke through them. 


  • Attractive – Available in Unobtrusive Natural Colors

  • Can Incorporate Existing Structures – Reducing Costs

  • Allows Quick and Convenient Access To Pool


  • More Invasive Installation

  • Less Flexible in Routing Options

  • If Fence Is Penetrated – No Barrier Left Between The Child and The Water


As a general rule a pool safety net will be around 60% of the cost of an isolation fence (A fence that encircles the pool entirely).

A DIY pool safety net kit for a typical pool will range from $600.00 – $1800.00, these prices including all parts.

Pool fencing pricing is more complicated due to the numerous configurations and possible color & height options. Recent Pool Fence Cost Ranges*:

  • An average pool fence installation ranges from $1100.00 to $1900.00.

  • The average price per linear running ft is $14.00 – $20.00.

  • Self-closing, self-latching gates are priced from $350.00 – $450.00 each.

*2020-2021 estimate

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