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How to measure for a DIY Kit

  • All net kits ship in the shape of either a square or rectangle regardless of the actual shape of your pool/pond. You will trim off the excess edges of netting during installation to make  your net a custom fit.

  • The concept is like cutting a shape from a piece of paper or sewing pattern where you will trim off all the excess sides of the net in order to get it to fit your edges - straight or freeform. 

  • When sizing a net kit we will ask for a Length & Width, you will need to provide the longest length and widest width. These help us determine what size kit would cover your pool. Please see the examples below.

How to Measure: Text
Pool Measuring.png
How to Measure: Image
Eriksen Net.jpg


When measuring be sure to include all features that need to be covered by the net, such as step sections.

Birds Eye View

We require photos of your pool or pond in most cases. This is to verify that a net will work for you & help as stop any potential issues.

Water Features

Pools, Ponds, spas and many more the concept of measuring for a rectangle is the same.

How to Measure: Features
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