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Flush style anchors are most widely used, they come in brass and nylon. The nylon anchors come in Cream, Gray and Terracotta. This style anchor is best for flat surfaces from concrete to slate.


Available in Black, Blue or Tan the pool netting is manufactured from durable four-millimeter high-density, polyethylene fiber composed of linear macromolecules saturated with non-substituted aliphatic hydrocarbons. This material contains continuous multifilament and resists abrasion, moths, and bacteria.

ASTM Certification

Remember all pool safety covers are supplementary pool safety aids and not a substitute for the undivided and constant supervision of an adult. Pool covers can never replace adult supervision nor can they be a guarantee against drowning or other accidents. Always replace your cover after swimming. Experts agree that multiple layers of protection offer the best protection against drowning and near drowning incidents. The most at risk are children under 5 years of age so always be extra vigilant with children in this age group.

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Katchakid Central Tension System

Our Katchakid net has a built in Central Tension System (CTS) that can be adjusted from tight to very tight and is designed in such a way that it cannot be removed by most children under the age of 12 years. The CTS is a multifaceted system that uses a series of pulley's set in a circular fashion, which open and close to control the tension of the net. The correct configuration and size of the CTS together among a necessary amount of pulleys determine a pool net's efficiency. The Katchakid uses an average of 12 to 16 pulleys per net.


Anchor Options

The Katchakid is attached to the pool surround by small stainless steel fasteners to toe friendly anchors, spaced 10 inches away from the waters edge at +/- 30 inch intervals.

There are 3 anchor fitting options available;
Adjustable Surface Mounted EZ-Plates available in Cream, Gray or Terracotta (red/orange).
Counter sunk durable nylon anchors available in Cream, Gray or Terracotta (red/orange).
Special order counter sunk high quality brass anchors for an exclusive look.


Nylon Anchors

Available in Cream, Gray and Terracotta. Our Nylon anchors are flush with the pool deck and the 3 color options blend in with most pool decks.


Brass Anchors

At the top of the Katchakid anchor range is our high-quality brass anchor. Over time, or when acid washed, our deck-flush brass anchor pairs well with materials such as flagstone, concrete, and pebble. With the brass anchors patina established, it becomes barely perceptible in the pool deck.


Hand Tensioner

The standard tensioner included with the Katchakid pool net system is the useful Hand Tensioner. Injection molded components with a die-cast anti-friction internal mechanism; this tool pulls at 250lbs and aids fast removal and replacement of the pool net.


  • Lightweight

  • Quick & convenient

  • Faster line speeds

  • Easy to use and store


EZ-Off Roller

The Katchakid EZ-Off lightweight, portable storage roller is constructed from high-quality, rigid PVC, with a pressure rating of W.P PSI 370. The EZ-Off Roller makes removal of the pool netting easier. In general, it takes 3-5 minutes to remove and 5-8 minutes to replace the pool netting cover over an average swimming pool. With the EZ-OFF Roller, the net can be removed from the pool area and stored until required.


EZ-Close Tensioner

Available as an upgrade to the Katchakid pool netting cover system is the EZ-Close Tensioner. Stream-lined engineering makes the job of tightening the pool net smooth and straightforward, requiring far less strength and effort. A stamped carbon steel frame houses efficient gear ratios, full-length drum bearings, and an oil-impregnated shaft bushing. This unit offers superb strength, long term durability, and pulls at 900lbs.


  • Requires far less space to operate

  • Minimal strain to tighten or release your Central Tensioning System

  • No pulling or tugging

  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing

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