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Will My Child Get Wet?

The honest answer to this common question is – possibly.

Crawlers: (babies)

An inground pool/pond safety net’s tension is greatest at the edges of the pool. It is here at the perimeter edge of the cover that a "crawler" is typically suspended above the water and their movement is hampered by the 3" mesh squares.

Katchakid’s unique net square size has two factors in mind: to be small enough to prevent a baby’s head from penetrating the net while simultaneously large enough to discourage movement. The "crawlers" limited gross motor skills should prevent the baby from getting too far onto the pool net where the net’s tension is deflected.

Toddlers & Young Children:

A pool net prevents a more mobile child from unauthorized access to swimming. If a child of this age were to fall or climb on the net, they would probably get wet. A younger child would not be suspended above the water but if the child can climb on the net – then they should be able to climb off the net using the inground pool safety net as a tool and guide to get back to the safety of the deck.

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