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Other water features in and around the home such as garden ponds, rockeries and waterfalls are often overlooked in terms to water awareness and safety. 

Family and friends other than the parents of small children might not be aware that their pond or water feature may be more hazardous than a swimming pool. Fish, the sound of running water and other factors will draw children to the water more than a swimming pool. 

The ProtectApond safety net system was developed by KatchKid specifically for ponds and to be semi-permanent*. The black netting tends to blend in with the dark pond water to maintain the visibility of your fish/features. Vegetation can grow through the net with ease and makes it blend in better. 

Many of our customers install the pond net system for reasons other than children. This type of barrier is excellent for keeping animals of all kinds including both pets and pests out of the pond, ducks, raccoons and bobcats...

*Pond nets do not use the CTS found on the pool nets, no CTS helps with visibility by reducing the obstructions on the net. More importantly for some the lack of the CTS makes the net a little harder to remove on a regular basis. Pond nets are only intended to be removed 1-2 times per year.  

Due to the semi-permanent nature of the net and the tension which the net requires you will need to make sure your pond or water feature has a solid boarder on all sides. Large rocks, pavers, boulders… are a few examples. The medium or surface used for anchoring cannot move or be altered during the intended life of the net it must be solid. Loose rocks or dirt are not suitable for anchoring. 

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